Vikramshila University was established by King Dharmpala in between 8th and 9th century. The University is located in Antichak village which is about 38 kilometres away from Bhagalpur and 13 kilometres North-East of Kahalgaon (a railway station on Bhagalpur-Sahebganj section of Eastern Railways).

Vikramshila University was the second university after the Nalanda which was the important centre of Buddhist learning during the Pala Empire.


An ancient Buddhist University

This University once attracted thousands of students and teachers from various parts of Asia. The university was also equal to Nalanda and Odantapuri – two other ancient Buddhist universities in Bihar.

Mahabodhi Tree at Vikramshila University

There was a huge temple situated in the centre of the University which was adorned with a copy of Mahabodhi Tree located in Bodh Gaya. The entry of the main temple was guarded by the statues of Nagarjuna and Atisa (two great scholars of Vikramshila University.

Around 1200, this University was no longer active as it was destroyed by the forces of Muhammad Bin Bakhtiyar Khilji.

The remains of the University and the temples are still present in this place and now it is a ASI protected site.