Pterosaurs were the flying reptiles living in the Jurassic Era, who had existed about 288 to 66 million years ago. They were as small as the birds and as a big as a plane. After the flying insects, they were the first animals to fly and travel through the air.

Pterosaurs are said to be one of the species of dinosaurs as they had existed during the same era but this fact is not true at all. There is a lot of difference between the dinosaurs and Pterosaurs. As per the current consensus, Pterosaurs doesn’t belong to the Saurischia and Ornithischia group but the Dinosaurs are said to be descended from that last common ancestors of that group.

Pterosaurs are known as a convergent evolution as they were different than birds as well as other flying reptiles.


Quetzalcoatlus (The Largest Pterosaurs)

Quetzalcoatlus (the largest Pterosaurs) had a wing span of around 40 feet long. Their wings structural support and stiffness were fibres present in their wing membrane.

They had the ability to fly probably high allowing them to take advantage of many different food sources.