Mandar Hills (700 feet high) is located in Banka District (around 45 kilometres far from Bhagalpur).

On the top of the hill, there are two temples situated, the one is for the followers of Hinduism and the other for the followers of Jainism.

This awesome hill is aptly connected with the Hindu Puranas (Hindu religious text of Ancient times) and is extremely a sacred place. According the mythological Purana, the place events the famous churning pole of Amrit Manthan (Nectar of Immortality).

Along with its religious significance, the Mandar Hills is the most considerable place of pilgrimage. It also holds the most different image of Lord Vishnu from the Gupta period in which the Lord in his man-lion incarnation was not shown tearing Hiranyakashipu. This statue is purely made up of black stone which heights up to 34 inches.


An inscription has also been discovered in the Mandar Hills which relates to Gupta King Adityasena and his Queen Sri Konda Devi who had installed an image of Narhari (Man-lion), an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on the hill and the Queen performed an act of piety by excavating a tank known as Papa Harini (also called Manohar Kund) on the foot of the hill.

A Jain Temple was also built in the memory of the 12 th Jain Tirthankara Vasupujya Swami who had attained Nirvana (Moksha) here.

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