Kuppa Ghat is a one of the historical places located on the bank of River Ganga, around 5 kilometres away from Bhagalpur City.

This place dates back to the historical life of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans: the Great saint of Sant Mat (teachings of Sants). He had practised the Surat Shabd Yoga for several months in the cave of Kuppa Ghat which was later constructed into his Ashram.

Maharshi Mehi Ashram Cave

Maharshi Mehi Ashram cave is completely covered and no uproar activity of the outside place can harm the interior of the cave. Because of the complete silence and difference from the noises of the outside world, this cave is still used by many Yogis for practising the Yoga.

Maharasi Mehi Ashram came to be recognised as the National Headquarter of Akhil Bharatiya Sant Mat Satsang. This National Headquarter has a beautiful orchard, quotes and paintings which show the significance of Lord Rama visiting a devotee named Shabri and the end of Jatayu by the attack of Ravan.

Maharshi Mehi Ashram is now a sacred pilgrimage for the millions of Sant Mat followers from the Nation and worldwide.