Garuda is the large creature which is having major relation with Hindu Mythology. Garuda are known as the Vahana (Vehicle) of Lord Vishnu. The image of this ancient deity was often used as a charm to protect from snake and its poison.

The Lesser Adjutant (biological name of Garuda) with a worldwide population of around 5500- 6000 is found in few places of the world. Some of the most notable place with a huge population of the lesser adjutants are Cambodia, Assam and Bhagalpur.

In Cambodia, there are 150 alive, 650 in Assam and 500 in Bhagalpur (around Kadwa Diyara).

The Lesser Adjutant are likely to live in a group of their category and do not prefer to stay alone, so wherever they stay, the whole group will remain there only.

“Lesser Adjutants” are classified as the endangered species by the International Union Conservation of Nature and its Resources (IUCN) Red List in 2004.