Located around 7 kilometres far from the Bhagalpur main city, Champapur is the only place in the world where all the five “Kalyanka” of Teerthankar Vasupoojya Swami (The first Ascetic saint) is situated.

The "PanchKalyanka" of Champapur

  • Garbha
  • Janma
  • Tapa
  • Gyan
  • Mosksha

The main temple of Champapur (2500 years old) is adorned with five altars, magnificent spire and two columns of fame. However, there were 4 columns of fame known as Keerti Stambha which were situated in the four corners of the temple from about 2200 years before. 2 of the columns of fame were destroyed in a mass destructive earthquake of 1934 and the Jirnoddhar (repair) of the 2 columns was done in 1934.

An attractive and miraculous idol of Bhagwan Vasupoojya Swami is present in the main centre of the main altar. This red coloured Padmasana idol is comparable to the real complexion of Bhagwan Vasupoojya Swami.

There’s one another idol of Bhagwan Vasupoojya which is made up of Ashtadhatu (an alloy of eight metals), the ancient foot images of Bhagwan Vasupoojya Swami is present in this altar.

Along with so many other artistic idols, the principal deity of Vasupoojya Swami is also constructed which are present around the main altar.

The entrance gate of this temple is very attractive and is as same as the style of Hawa-Mahal of Jaipur.