Ajgavinath Temple of Sultanganj is one of the ancient Temple constructed on a rock and has wonderful collection series of rock sculptures and inscriptions which is historically in the Pala Period.

Located in the Sultanganj village of Bhagalpur District, this temple is situated close to the Holy River Ganga. The origin of this Temple is yet unknown and still a mystery.

However, it was claimed to be the Swayambhu Temple on the rock which was later discovered and then given an abode.

The present name “Ajgaivinath” is connected to Lord Shiva who had given up his bow “Ajgav” at this place and that’s why this historical place came to be known as “Ajgaivinath”.


Jahangira (The Abode of Jahnu)

The ancient name of this holy place was Jahangira (the abode of Jahnu) which is taken from the name of the sage Jahnu who lived here and meditated many years before.

Meditation spot of Jahnu Muni

The ancient sayings discover that the Muni (who was doing the meditation) was interrupted by the water currents of the River Ganga. The Muni, then, swallowed the whole river in a gulp. When Bhagiratha intervened this, the Muni made an incision in his thigh and then let the river out. From then, the river Ganga is also known as Jahnavi.