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Driftwood art is a part of my hobby and I have created a park where people will find a lot of Driftwood Art forms which were collected by me during the travels for the same cause and in-course of my duty. The Art collection for Driftwood Museum & Park is not less than my commitment to work towards my duty.

Driftwood Art is an art created by mother nature and is created by the action of its elements, elements like water, sand, wind, bacteria, etc. Each driftwood art is unique in this world and can never be replicated.

Mr. Das is very artistic by nature and an ardent art lover. Till now he has collected about 100 Priceless Driftwood arts. With the desire of putting forward the Driftwood Arts, came the launch up of the beautiful place which we see today as the “Das Driftwood Museum & Park”.

Located on the only island in river “Ganga River” at Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. Das Driftwood Museum & Park is probably only Driftwood Park in the whole world where one can see upto 17 feet high majestic driftwood arts and sculptures displayed in the park spread in a 2 acer area, where a world class Driftwood Museum is also coming up, which will be India’s 2nd Driftwood Museum.

Mr. Das has also made bases for this place and working to make it as the foundation of education where all books will be stored and accessible to all the visitors. The idea behind this proposed plan is considered on the objective to provide a meaningful knowledge and information to students of the present and the coming generation. Currently, Mr. Das is performing his best version to make this place as a perfect destination for all the people having great affection with nature and its beauty.


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