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Das Driftwood Museum & Park is situated in the core area of "Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin" Sanctuary (Asia’s only Dolphin Sanctuary). Located on the only island in River Ganga. Das Driftwood is truly one of its kind in the country and an experience in itself. Most probably, it is the only true “Driftwood Park” in the whole world where you can see 3 - 16 feet high amazing driftwood art and sculptures. The beauty of the park with colorful arts, picturesque beauty and rich eco-tourism attracts people to visit this memorable land. "However, it's not the only one thing, Das Driftwood Park also houses "Das Driftwood Museum" for the people which has around 80+ Driftwood arts to display". It is the most perfect destination to land for all the people having affection with the nature and its beauty.

Driftwood Collections

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About P. K. Das Driftwood Park

Das Driftwood Park is the only Park which showcases the driftwood art and sculptures which were painstakingly discovered and collected by Mr. Prantosh Kumar Das over a period of more than two decades. Das’s Driftwood Museum also showcases the first driftwood art; a mesmerizing "2.5 X 2 x 2" feet elephant head which was discovered by Mr. Das in a waterfall at a place known as Dirdah (inside dense forest area in Jamui District, Bihar), while on an operation to rescue an engineer kidnapped for ransom in the year 1994. What started as a passion soon became an obsession- opines this driftwood Lover Cop! A bounty of classic master pieces was collected over the decades from India & Abroad and he has managed to acquire the spectacular collection of world class driftwood art and sculptures.

In the Das Driftwood Park one can also see the wooden life size replica of world famous “CAIRN CLOUMN” built by David Nash in Kew Garden, London in August 2012. However the “CAIRN COLUMN” located at Das Driftwood Park has another added unique art form “THE OPTICAL ART ILLUSION”.

Places of Interest Near Das Driftwood Museum Park

Bhagalpur city is surrounded by many famous places which set a great presence from the history of the Ancient India.
Some places are the home for the most endangered and vulnerable species which accounts it as even more precious.